Cruise Formal Evenings – What To Wear

Cruise Formal Evening Dresses

A cruise is a wonderful chance to get away from it all, to see a few new places in one go, and of course, to dress up! If you’ve booked yourself on a cruise and you’ve been on one before or have done your research, you’ll know that one of the highlights of a cruise is the formal night, or “Captain’s Dinner”. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a formal evening during your cruise when men are expected to wear black tie attire, and us girls get to wear our most glamorous evening gowns or cocktail dresses!

There may be more than one formal evening on your cruise depending on how long your cruise is, so you’ll want to be prepared with at least one stunning outfit. Here are a few things to think about when planning your big night:

Which Evening Dress?

The formal night on a cruise is a great opportunity to wear something you never usually have the occasion for, so choose something you absolutely love and feel your best in. You’ll be wearing the dress during dinner and for the rest of the evening, whether you go to one of the bars on the ship or take in some entertainment, so you’ll want to be fairly comfortable and feel like yourself.

If you’re after something sparkly, a Scala dress could be perfect for you. These dresses will make you feel like the most gorgeous girl on the ship and they’re great for showing off your figure. Dynasty also offer some beautiful evening dresses - from bright red strapless numbers, to backless dark blue, to the classic little black dress.

How to Accessorise

One way to make your outfit extra glamorous is to add matching accessories such as jewellery, bags and wraps. If you decide not to go for a sparkly dress, you could still add some shimmer to your look with these accessories. Crystal jewellery can bring a little sparkle to your outfit, and we have all sorts of colours and styles in our cellar.

You’ll really appreciate a wrap if you decide to step outside onto the deck, because it can get a little chilly when you’re out at sea! At Frocks we have lots of wraps, jewellery and clutch bags so you’re sure to find something to go with your outfit. Come and visit our shop to see the evening dresses and accessories we have to offer, and we’ll help you put together a fabulous cruise outfit!