OTG Heels Available At Frocks

OTG Heels at Frocks, Thrapston

If you’re looking for shoes to go with that new outfit, or you just want something stylish and comfortable, you’re in luck! At Frocks we now stock OTG Heels (Off The Ground). These shoes are so comfy, they’re perfect for wearing to a wedding, the races, or any time you’ll be on your feet all day. They’re high heels that don’t pinch or make your feet feel sore, and they look great too, so you don’t have to compromise on comfort or fashion. Win-win!

These gorgeous shoes were featured in Cosmopolitan as part of their feature on summer essentials – they were one of the magazine’s ‘top fashion picks’ in April! Good Housekeeping and most recently Elle are also big fans, and these little beauties are really paving the way in fashionable footwear. Pack a pair in your suitcase this summer and your friends will wonder how your feet can look so fab and you can stay in heels all day and night!

OTG Heels are supplied by a local company in Northamptonshire, and the shoes are kind to your whole foot. They are comfortable on the soles of your feet and they also reduce blisters as they’re made from easily mouldable and hardwearing foam. They come in leather in black and nude shades to match any outfit – the black ones are great for work, too! There is also a stunning cobalt blue pair available in suede to really make an outfit pop (pictured above).

Come to our shop on the high street in Thrapston and see these gorgeous shoes for yourself, or call us on 01832 733100 to make an enquiry. We hope to see you soon!