Shop At Frocks Online!

Buy Designer Dresses Online

We’re excited to be amongst one of the top 50 boutiques included in Shoptiques UK launch, giving our customers the chance to see a selection of our less formal frocks and favourite accessories, and buy them online. You can view our Shoptiques collection online.

What is Shoptiques?

Shoptiques is an online marketplace that features some of the world’s best boutiques, so being listed on their site is a real privilege.  They have over 1500 boutiques, in over 1000 cities, allowing people to connect to local boutiques that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible to them.  To see more about Shoptiques, watch this video.

Why have we gone online?

We always want to do the best for our customers, and therefore being able to provide you with an online experience, listing our day dresses and accessories, means a simpler shopping experience for you if you can’t get to our Thrapston shop.

We understand the pressures of day to day life, and needing to get that perfect dress at short notice, or perhaps not having the time to come in and see us.  So being chosen to be one of the boutiques at Shoptiques was not only a great achievement, but an opportunity to make us more accessible to our customers.

It also means that people who aren’t very local to us will still be able to see and order some of our beautiful dresses and accessories, ensuring they’re feeling gorgeous too.  Perhaps you have a friend who has complimented one of your Frock’s dresses before, but they’re too far away to come in and try on a dress of their own. Well now they can simply visit us on Shoptiques, have a browse and pick the dress that suits the occasion!

But don’t worry, everything listed online will still be available to you in the store itself too.

What about Frocks’ bespoke gowns?

Here at Frocks we have a lot of one offs and extensive ball gowns and evening wear, but these won’t be listed on Shoptiques. Why? Well, when you’re buying a one off dress for a special occasion, it’s going to be a dress you keep and treasure for a really long time.  This isn’t the type of dress to order online and try on at home.  What if it doesn’t fit just right? What if it wasn’t exactly what you wanted when it arrived? 

Here at Frocks we have so many bespoke dresses and ball gowns, so you can be sure that if the first one you try on isn’t quite right, we’ll be able to advise you on a different style, perhaps something you hadn’t previously considered. This bespoke part of our business will remain unchanged, ensuring you get the same customer service for those special occasions.

Our customers

Our customers always come first, and this is why we’ve made the decision to be listed as one of the boutiques on Shoptique, making our day dresses and accessories more available to you. They even have an app you can download onto your smartphone or tablet.  But be assured we’re still the same friendly shop, there to give you advice on style and occasions, and let you try on as many dresses as it takes to find the right one.