What To Wear To Wimbledon

Daisy Overlay Tahari Day Dress

It’s that time of year again – strawberries, Pimms, sunshine and sports. The 2015 Wimbledon season is in full swing, and if you’re lucky enough to be going or to already be sitting in the stands, you’re in for a treat. But what’s a girl to wear to an event like this?

Wimbledon players must wear almost entirely white clothing (not off-white or cream!), with only a single trim of colour allowed around the neckline or seam, up to one centimetre wide. Caps, headbands, bandanas, wristbands, socks and even shoes should all be almost entirely white. If a player’s underwear can be visible while they are playing, that must be white, too.

Luckily spectators don’t need to adhere to such strict dress codes! You can generally wear anything you like, but bear in mind the weather forecast – a summer dress will be very appropriate, but you may want to take a cardigan or jacket with you in case you’re sat in the shade or it happens to rain.

You don’t need to get too dressed up for Wimbledon, but it’s an exciting event so if you feel like buying something new for the occasion, you definitely should! We’ve put together a few ideas for you from our selection of day dresses:

Get into the spirit with the players in our daisy overlay Tahari dress. Our version of the little white dress, it’s fun and flowery – perfect for any summer occasion.

For something just as lacy and pretty, our simple gold lace Fever dress is effortlessly classy – just pull this number on for instant style!

If you are looking for totally unique, extraordinary daywear, our stylish Jolaby dresses offer just that. They come in many different styles and many of they are one size – flattering for all body shapes and sizes. Try this white, blue and grey Jolaby number for your day sitting courtside.

And finally, another Fever design, this duck egg blue swing dress just shouts summer, and its simple-but-stylish vibe makes it perfect for a day out in the sunshine.

For more bright ideas, come and take a look inside our shop. Enjoy Wimbledon, and don’t forget the sun cream!