What Colours Suit You?

Colourful Designer Dresses

What colour clothes do you tend to wear? At Frocks we think you should wear whatever makes you feel happy and beautiful. But if you would like a little insight into the kind of colours you should wear to suit your skin tone and features, you’ve come to the right place.

Before you can pick out clothes with colours that suit you, you first need to know more about your own colouring.

People with warm colouring:

  • have chestnut, copper brown, dark blonde, red or auburn hair
  • have hazel, brown, light green or light blue eyes
  • may have freckles and tan easily, with a golden brown, yellow-beige, peach or ivory complexion

People with cool colouring:

  • have black, dark or medium brown, light blonde, grey or white hair
  • have dark green, dark hazel, dark blue or dark brown eyes
  • have a black, olive, fair, rosy or pale complexion, and may burn easily in the sun

A quick trick to find out if you are warm or cool is to hold a cream shirt and a white shirt under your chin one at a time. If you are warm, the cream fabric should give you a warm glow and the white fabric will make you look drawn. If you are cool, the white fabric will give you a glow and the cream will make you look drawn.

Hopefully this has given you an idea of whether you are warm or cool. Now all you need to do is look for clothes that match this.

People with warm colouring should try clothes with shades of yellow, brown, green, gold, orange and red – think of a sunny autumn day.

If you have a cool colouring, try blue, purple, lilac, pink, grey and black.

Once you know the colours you should be looking for, hopefully it will be easier to find a dress you love! At Frocks we are on hand to give you a personal shopper-style experience and help you find your perfect outfit. Book an appointment with us on 01832 733100. We hope to see you soon!