Wedding Guest Outfit Etiquette – 5 Golden Rules

Wedding Guest Outfits and Dresses

It’s wedding season, and time for you to find the perfect outfit that will stay framed in the lucky couple’s wedding album for the rest of their lives.  No pressure.  If your wedding invitation hasn’t come with a dress code, knowing what to wear can be a little tricky – and getting it wrong is completely unforgivable.  So let us help.

Rule number 1: Do not wear white.  The general rule of thumb that follows through is to not upstage the bride.  She needs to be the one standing out from the crowd.  So for this reason, it’s best to avoid cream, blush or any variation of eggshell too.  Even a patterned dress with a white background should be avoided, you know, just in case.

Rule number 2:  A pretty and romantic look is always best - weddings are a celebration of love after all, so floral prints, ruffles and lace will always be a good fit.  Don’t wear anything overly sexy or revealing, weddings aren’t the time or the place – they’re family occasions, and likelihood is that Grandma won’t appreciate Grandad losing himself in your cleavage during introductions.

Rule number 3:  Don’t forget your dancing shoes!  You want to look great, and that means all night long too - hobbling around with crippled feet is not the best look for any dance floor.  Wedges, mid-height heels, dressy sandals or chic ballet shoes are good options.  You could even take two pairs of shoes - stashing a pair of flats for after the ceremony.  Best to note the venue too, especially if the wedding is on grass – and avoid stilettos if soft ground is likely.

Rule number 4:  Be comfortable.  Squeezing into a tight little number might be fantastic for photographs, but not when you sit down to the wedding breakfast, and then move onto the cake, and later to the evening buffet.  We’re not suggesting tracksuit bottoms here, but it goes hand in hand with your choice of shoes.  Weddings last all day, and all night, and the best way to enjoy it is to feel comfortable in your outfit choice.

Rule number 5:  When it comes to accessories, bear in mind the social complications that come with a wide brimmed hat.  Leaning in for a kiss on the cheek could become a potential health hazard!  On a more serious note, investing in accessories could save you a lot of money if you’ve got a fair few weddings this season.  A couple of versatile dresses, and changing them each time with clever accessorising, could easily create new outfits without breaking the bank.

Finally, enjoy the celebrations!  Look and feel fantastic, and if you choose one of our dresses, please send us in a couple of photos of you looking completely gorgeous!