Plan Your Summer Holiday Wardrobe

Summer Holiday Designer Wardrobe

The unpredictability of British Summer weather sees us flee to warmer waters for a week or two of tanning bliss.  We all deserve a little bit of luxury before we return to the grindstone and the familiar pitter-patter of rain.  One of the best things about going on holiday is being able to wear your summer wardrobe, which has no doubt been sat at the back of the closet since you unpacked your suitcase last year.  So maybe it’s time for an update?

Holidays are great for expressing your style and trying a few things you might not have the confidence to wear back home.  A great bit of advice is to simply pack something pretty.  After spending the afternoon at the beach or on a sun lounger, getting dressed up and feeling beautiful for the evening is an absolute must.  It might be tempting to dress with only comfort in mind as relaxation is key, but think of the holiday snaps you’ll be showing everyone when you get back?  And nothing feels nicer than knowing you look good, especially with that sun-kissed glow and care-free holiday spirit.

Adding some clever accessories and a new dress or two can easily rejuvenate your holiday wardrobe without breaking the bank.  Hazel Atkinson hand painted jewellery (featured above), a bright clutch bag or Crystal bangles are a great way to add a bit of colour and diversity to an old favourite.  But what about a new dress?  We’re loving the Jolaby dresses we have in stock at the moment (featured above).  Designed for stylish women, these dresses are flattering, comfortable and versatile – a perfect combination for holiday styling.  The beautiful patterns of Fever dresses would also make for a great choice; they’re more fitted than the Jolaby collection so are perhaps a safer option if you’re not too sure on making such a statement.

Now you have the clothing side of things under control, or at least have a few ideas for inspiration, it’s time to address some suitcase essentials:

  • First Aid kit – always best to be prepared, just in case.
  • Name tags for your luggage – putting your name and number on your luggage can only be a good thing, and eliminates any stress if your luggage does accidentally go missing at the airport.
  • Adapters – and maybe even a multiway plug for your hairdryer, straighteners and phone charger.
  • Sun cream and sunglasses – feeling optimistic that these are essential.

So, if you do decide to complement your summer holiday wardrobe with one of our dresses, or maybe even an accessory or two, we’d love to see some snaps of you looking glam.  We hope you have a wonderful trip and make some beautiful memories.  And as always, if you have any questions about our dresses, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.