New Mother of the Bride Dresses In Stock!

Mother of the Bride Dresses

We have a new range of mother of the bride dresses in stock, and we can’t wait to show you! Our latest arrivals include stunning dresses and jackets from Cabotine and Zeila, with plenty of florals.


The floral print dress on the left is by designer label Zeila. The pattern is big and bold, and the belt detail accentuates the waist and helps to pull out the blue colour of some of the flowers. The matching collarless jacket is a flattering, fitted shape, and the red flowers create a nice contrast against the blue and white.

Cabotine by Gema Nicolas

We love the pretty pink colour and leaf pattern of the dress in the centre, from Cabotine by Gema Nicolas. Another of our favourites is the gorgeous blue and white Cabotine dress pictured on the right, with a high-low skirt. The hem is slightly shorter at the front and longer at the back, and it’s super elegant. We also love the sheer sleeves on both of these dresses – and you may have noticed that many of our mother of the bride dresses feature this style of sleeve.

Three-Quarter Length Sleeves

Three-quarter length sleeves are great for this time of year, when it’s starting to warm up but it’s not quite warm enough for short sleeves or sleeveless dresses. They are also very flattering because they cover the upper arm but show off the wrist – the slimmest part of the arm – making the whole of your arms look slimmer. Leaving your wrists exposed also draws people’s eye to that level, subtly drawing attention to your hips.

If you’re the mother of the bride or groom this spring and you’re looking for your perfect wedding outfit, do pay us a visit! Drop by the shop or call 01832 733100 to book an appointment.