How Wonder Woman Inspires Us To Find Confidence Through Fashion

How Wonder Woman Inspires Us To Find Confidence Through Fashion

It’s not every day a movie is released with a female superhero protagonist, but on 2nd June 2017, Wonder Woman will be landing in UK cinemas.


First created in 1941, Wonder Woman has come a long way to finally be the star of her own feature film on the big screen, played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot. And in a world where DC and Marvel are churning out superhero films featuring Batman, Superman, Spiderman and everyone in their extended universes like there’s no tomorrow, it’s about time we saw a strong female take the lead.


Wonder Woman, or Diana Prince as she is also known, is the daughter of Zeus and the Amazon queen Hippolyta. She has the power of super healing, mind control, teleportation, super speed, super strength, and more. You can see her in action in the latest trailer:


But of course, you didn’t come to Frocks to get the latest movie updates. So why are we so interested in this particular movie? Well, Wonder Woman is strong, powerful and feminine, and we’re interested in harnessing those qualities for ourselves, and thinking about how fashion can help with that. We’re not suggesting that we should all ditch our everyday wardrobe for a gold tiara, a pair of knee-high red boots and some skimpy blue knickers. But what we wear should make us feel good, it should turn heads, it should make us feel like we are Wonder Woman. Our clothes should help us feel powerful.

So how can we do that? By choosing clothes that suit us, that make us look good, that make us feel good – clothes that we adore. It sometimes feels like we have to wait for a special occasion before we can wear a real showstopper of an outfit, but for many of us, those occasions don’t come along very often. So it’s up to us to turn the everyday into an occasion, to find those special outfits and pieces that can make Monday morning feel like Saturday night.

They don’t even have to be big pieces – it could be a brand new necklace that you love, or a bracelet that holds sentimental value and makes you smile every time you look at it. It might be a new pair of shoes, or a brand new bag to replace your scuffed old one, or a scarf that’s fashionable, cosy and practical.

And of course, there are the dresses – our speciality. The knee-length hemlines that swing around you as you walk and shake your hips. The empire waistline that drapes perfectly over your midriff. The dresses that pull you in at the waist, show off a little cleavage, and highlight all your curves. Don’t they make us feel great? They make us walk with our heads held a little higher. They make us feel feminine and beautiful. The colours and patterns brighten our day. And when we feel like this, we feel a little more capable. A little stronger. A little more like ourselves.

When we’re working in the office, taking the children to school, doing errands around town, going to school or college classes, seeing our friends – these are the dresses that help us feel like the superheroes we are. You don’t need to be Wonder Woman to be a hero, and you don’t need to be going to a costume party or even a cocktail party to feel like one. You can put on a day dress, accessorise with jewellery or a bag and some nice shoes, style your hair. Fashion doesn’t have to be impractical to make us feel good. We can feel comfortable and stylish, and show off our true selves all at the same time – and that is a powerful combination.