Graduation Dresses – What To Wear For The Big Day

Graduation Dress

So you’re graduating from university with a degree or other qualification?  Congratulations! Graduation is a special day for celebrating your achievements, your time at university, all the wonderful people you’ve spent time with along the way; and the beginning of your career.

But there are a lot of things to think about before you walk across that stage to collect your certificate.  Like “how am I going to get my hood to stay on?” (hint: safety pins), “what if I trip over while getting my diploma?” (you won’t!), and “what on earth should I wear underneath my gown?”

The last one is where Frocks comes in.  Our day dresses are suitable for a variety of occasions, so you’re sure to find something in our shop that you can wear not just on graduation day but over and over again.  We have a range of dresses that are formal and classy for wearing underneath your graduation gown, and when the ceremony is over they’re great for wearing afterwards too – wherever you decide to celebrate.

For graduation, it’s a good idea to wear an outfit that has material you can pin your graduation hood to.  This means that a strapless dress probably isn’t very practical, as opposed to a dress with a higher neckline.  As an alternative to a safety pin, you could accessorise your dress with a brooch – functional and stylish!

Some universities specifically ask you to wear black and white under your gown, so be sure to check if this is the case before you hit the shops.  Also note that the graduation gowns can be very warm, so if the weather is good on your graduation day you won’t want to wear layers – put your matching jacket or cardigan to one side for after the ceremony.

At Frocks we can help you find your perfect graduation dress – we have dresses available in a range of styles and colours, in sizes 6 – 22.  Why not pop in and see what we have to offer?

For everyone graduating this year, congratulations and we hope you have a wonderful day!