Get The 1920s Vintage Look

1920s Vintage Look

If you love a good vintage look and want to have a night out in style, the roaring twenties could be your inspiration for an outfit to remember. Think art deco jewellery, headbands, sequins, fringe, feathers and pearls! Here’s how you can recreate the look, for casual day wear or for a glamorous alternative to your usual evening wear on a girls’ night out.

1920s Day Wear

In the 1920s waistlines dropped, hemlines rose to just above the knee, and dresses were unfitted – all in stark contrast to the previous decade of tightened waists and covered-up knees. Day dresses were drop-waist with basic colours, like our simple shift dresses (pictured right). Pair one of these with a headband, drop earrings or a chunky bangle to really get into the 1920s spirit.

1920s Evening Wear

By night, women loved flapper dresses with plenty of glitz and glamour. Dresses with fringes or slits don’t just look good, they also give you plenty of room to move so you can dance the night away! But if you love your curves, our more figure-hugging versions of 1920s style embrace everything shiny and sequined (pictured right).


The shimmering doesn’t have to stop at the clothes – hair jewellery was also popular, with gems, feathers, pearls and jewelled headbands. If you’re going all out to recreate this look, you’re sure to find something appropriate in our treasure trove of accessories.

The 1920s saw the introduction of costume jewellery, so it’s easy to get the look today with your favourite statement piece or a string of pearls. At Frocks you can find all the outfits and accessories you need to create a 1920s look with a modern twist.