Frocks Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts - Women's Accessories

Still on the hunt for Christmas gifts? We have some great stocking filler ideas for your girlfriend, wife, friend, daughter – in fact, all the special women in your life!

Bella Ballou Scarves

Our cellar is a treasure trove of goodies and we have a great range of accessories to suit all sorts of styles. We now stock Bella Ballou scarves, which come in many colours and patterns and make the perfect gift. The range includes pure wool and 100% silk scarves to keep your loved ones warm this winter and to add an extra layer of interest to an outfit. The scarves are handprinted with hand-stitched edges, and created in collaboration with Danish designers and artists. The Bella Ballou name is incorporated into each motif and as a finishing touch every scarf comes in a beautiful gift box.

Clutch Bags

Does your recipient have a favourite colour or a shade they wear all the time? Pick out a cute clutch bag they can use to complement their outfits. These makes great gifts and they come In lots of shapes with sequins, glitter, bold colours, prints, and straps.


Our jewellery includes necklaces, rings and bangles, from large silver effect cuffs, to daintier pieces, and rings with words to live by engraved in them – choose from ‘live, ‘love’, ‘dance’, and ‘sing’. We also have bangles engraved with quotes about mothers, sisters and friends – perfect for a special friend or family member! They’re all at affordable prices too, so there’s no reason why you won’t be able to treat your loved ones to something special this Christmas.

We hope to see you at Frocks soon, and we wish you a very happy and safe Christmas, and a wonderful new year when it comes around!