The Brit Awards 2017

The Brit Awards 2017  - Best and Worst Dressed

When it comes to something as prestigious as The Brits, only the best dress will do. What celebs choose to wear can easily influence our choices, making their statement gowns much more than simply fashion choices for that night alone. This week saw an impressive array outfit choices, ranging from the effortlessly elegant to the downright awful. We’ve put together our best and worst dressed from last night, in the hope of providing a little guidance into what a high-profile event needs from an outfit.

Our Best Dressed

As always, it’s about knowing your body shape, and knowing how far to push fashion. Michelle Keegan, Ellie Goulding and Caroline Flack all hit the nail on the head and looked fantastic at the Brit Awards, and it goes to show that it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ type of game. With jumpsuits, floor-length gowns and bardot mini dresses all making it to our top three choices of the night, it goes to show that anything goes!

Michelle Keegan 

As ever, Michelle showed us all how glamour doesn’t need to be a floor length gown, and instead you can opt for something a little different to suit your own personal style. Structured, tailored and bold, this jumpsuit accentuates her lean legs, whilst nipping her in at the waist. Using a belt to highlight the slimmest part of your silhouette is a great tip to ‘fake’ an hourglass figure, and she does this brilliantly. Minimal makeup and loose waves add to her natural beauty, easily putting her as the best dressed of The Brits 2017 and the top of our list!

Ellie Goulding

Matching her shoes to her dress detail, Ellie shows how to properly accessorise! Far from the side-boob of Nicola Scherzinger (detailed below), she’s kept her curves under control whilst undoubtedly still ticking all of the boxes for ‘sexy’. The choker style of the dress is a popular choice at the moment, and Ellie shows how to make it work. Keeping her hair loose stops the metallic detail on her hair from making the outfit too harsh, and we think she looks absolutely stunning.

Caroline Flack

An unusual shoe choice simply adds to the charm of this outfit. Feathers and chunky boots? Why not! Caroline Flack is famed for getting negative press for her outfit choices, so it’s fantastic to see her really nailing it. Fashion should be a place where you can express yourself, and Caroline certainly does this in this stunning bardot dress, and she does it beautifully, don’t you think? A smoky eye pulls the look together, and it’s fair to say she’s easily bagged the title of ‘Best Legs’ for the night – and without a pair of heels too! Impressive!

Our Worst Dressed

When it comes to underwear faux paus, Charlotte Crosby and Nicole Scherzinger took centre stage. Dressing to impress is a skill, something the team here at Frocks can easily advise on. Choosing the right outfit is a completely individual thing, dependant on your skin tone, body shape and even level of confidence; and it’s also worth mentioning that age old phrase ‘Less is More’.

Charlotte Crosby

Sheer dresses are known to leave very little to the imagination, and it seems Charlotte has taken it a little too far. Famous for speaking her mind and airing a little on the ‘crude’ side, this dress certainly packs a punch. Whilst her figure is looks great, her large black knickers distract from her stunning hair and makeup, making this a wardrobe disaster. Sheer dresses are great for slim figures, but perhaps a better underwear choice could have swung the balance for her. Better luck next time Charlotte!

Nicole Scherzinger

For those with a curvy figure like Nicole, choosing a dress without a solid structure is a brave choice. Beautiful feminine curves need right underwear to suit the dress, and that can be tricky – and at no-point should sexy slip into slutty! Well, underwear seems to be the last thing on Nicole’s mind in this crochet dress, edging her look into tasteless territory.

Pixie Lott

The metal grey of this little number looks a little harsh against Pixie’s skin tone, and the Madonna-esque vibe of her chest is perhaps not the most flattering choice. With tassels lining the skirt, the dress has a little too much going on, distracting from her natural beauty. If only she’d matched her dress to her simple, silver heels!

Dressing for an occasion is difficult, even more so when you factor in your own likes and dislikes, as well as your body shape and skin tone. This is where we can help. At Frocks we have a beautiful and varied variety of dresses and you can count on a honest opinion when you come out of the changing room! The right outfit can make a woman sparkle from the inside out, and that’s what we aim for.

So, if you have an event coming up that needs the perfect outfit, drop in to see us. We’d love to help you feel as confident as these ladies did on the red carpet at The Brits!